Friday 21st June 2019

Keynote Address

Emertitus Professor Judy Atkinson

Keynote Address

Everybody In! Embedding Trauma-Aware Strategies an a Consistent Whole-School Approach

Tom Brunzell, Berry Street Education

Keynote Address

The Thirst for Trauma-Aware Schooling across Australia and Beyond!

Dr Judith Howard, Queensland University of Technology

Session 5.1

The educational experience: in the words of a Foster Child

Melissa King, Unitingcare

Session 5.2

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of The Parts: An Interagency Collaborative Partnership

Nicole Dorrington, Brisbane South Evolve, CYMHS & Vicky King, Education Queensland

Session 5.3

The impacts of poverty on emotional wellbeing. Understanding the hidden rules of life in poverty

Kathleen Herbert, Solution Tree Australia

Session 5.4

LOOKOUT Centres – Boosting Capacity of Schools to be Trauma Aware

Cara Barrie, Tracey Rowe and Bart Stiller, Department of Education and Training Victoria

Session 5.5

Remote teachers share insights for supporting students living with the effects of complex childhood trauma

Meegan Brown, Queensland University of Technology

Schools Up North: participatory approaches to helping teachers in remote schools support students’ mental health

Helen Travers, Yeti

Session 5.6

Constructing early childhood services as trauma recovery environments: Barriers and enablers for refugee families

Cherie Lamb, University Of New England

A Trauma Informed Response in Early Education and Care Services

Vivienne Gould, Anglicare

Session 5.7

What’s Different About Trauma Sensitive Functional Behaviour Assessment?

Sonja Vanderaa, Australian Childhood Foundation

Session 5.8

Prevalence of early trauma and subsequent mental health and substance use disorders among Australians

Emma Barrett, The Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use, University of Sydney

Qualitative experiences of school leaders, teachers and mental health staff regarding student trauma

Emily Berger, Monash University

Session 6.2

Talking Families Initiative

Alecia Thomasson, Queensland Family & Child Commission

Session 6.3

Responding Therapeutically through Integrated Trauma Aware Practice

Rohan Tedmanson & Mel Jones, Connected Self

Session 6.4

Building culturally sensitive support – CASE STUDY of a Year 7 boy in care

Megan Mulcahy, Kate Solofa & Jennifer Johnson, Metropolitan Behaviour Services

Session 6.5

Building resilience through relationships in early childhood communities

Lyra L’Estrange, Queensland University of Technology

The Benefits of Animals as part of a Trauma Informed Approach

Beverley Turner, Metropolitan Behaviour Support Service

Session 6.6

Real life strategies for real life students: ways to identify, connect and support students with a trauma background

Rebecca Hack, Queensland Teachers’ Union & Kellie Baldwin, Berserker Street State School

Session 6.7

Project REAL – What’s the Deal?

Vyvyan Stranieri, Banksia Gardens Community Service

Prevention: A Holistic Approach

Mathew Sinclair, Bravehearts

Session 6.8

Reflective analysis based on a program of delivering creative arts therapy to children in trauma

Tess Elliott, Rowancroft Studio

Engaging Students Who Have Experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences or Trauma in Social Emotional Learning

Rachel Parker, University Of Western Australia

Session 7.3

Trauma and the Experiences of Young People in Flexible Learning Programs

Joanna Nicholson, Youth Off The Streets

Introducing the Brain Architecture Game!

Judith Howard, Queensland University of Technology

Session 7.4

Harnessing the power of music to support children who have experienced complex trauma

Christobel Clark, Sing&Grow

Session 7.5

Trauma, loss and grief: building knowledge and practice to support the best outcomes for students

Louise Hall, Mackillop Family Services – Good Grief

Current Research: How Trauma Aware are Teachers and School Leaders in NSW Government Primary Schools?

Celeste Musgrave, University of Tasmania

Session 7.6

RELATE: Creating Cultures of Safety for Staff in Trauma-Informed Schools

Justin Roberts, MacKillop Education

Spirituality and faith after trauma: a whole-child response

Lisa Coles, Arethusa College

Session 7.8

Self-care as a Foundation for Trauma Informed Practice in Schools

Trish Maskell & Nick Downey, Mercy Community

Clay Field Therapy – A Sensorimotor approach for working with Traumatised Children

Matt Dilges, Child & Youth Mental Health