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Empowering organisations with evidence-informed practices such as ReLATE, a model supporting schools to create the preconditions for improved teaching, learning and wellbeing.

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The MacKillop Institute empowers organisations with evidence-informed programs and services that promote wellbeing, resilience, and learning, based on our deep understanding of the impacts of adversity, change, loss, grief, and trauma. We share our experience and expertise with the wider community by building long-term partnerships that create positive and sustainable change.

Through Reframing Learning and Teaching Environments (ReLATE), a research and evidence informed model, we support schools to create the preconditions for improved teaching, learning and wellbeing. ReLATE aims to make real, measurable and lasting change in schools by:

  • Empowering schools to create safe, supportive and predictable environments.
  • Strengthening staff understanding of how adverse childhood experiences and complex trauma can impact behaviours, attitude and learning.
  •  Enhancing whole school culture and teacher attitudes, including teacher perspectives and responses to student behaviour and disengagement.

Combining educational research, social science, behavioural theory and neuroscience, ReLATE supports teachers to implement practical strategies in their classrooms. The ReLATE model is a commitment to sustainable and positive cultural change and advocates for shared responsibility for enhancing learning in a school environment.

Learn more about The MacKillop Institute and our other evidence-informed programs and services, including Seasons for Growth and Stormbirds, by visiting mackillopinstitute.org.au

The MacKillop Institute is part of MacKillop Family Services. We work with you to share our collective knowledge so, together, we can create practical solutions tailored to your culture, your needs, and the needs of your community. Together, we can achieve a greater impact and enhanced wellbeing for families, children, and communities.

Berry Street Education Model provides trauma-informed strategies to increase student learning and wellbeing.  The Model supports schools across the country and empowers teachers to engage students with complex unmet needs—and ALL students—to set higher expectations for themselves.

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The Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) provides schools with practical pedagogical strategies to engage all students and has been shown to be particularly effective with disadvantaged and struggling learners. The Model integrates 25 years of wellbeing research and has been proven to make significant improvements to students’ resilience, self-regulation, growth and academic achievement. This positive outcome has been achieved by giving teachers practical strategies that engage students and build their willingness to learn at school.

Developed in Australia, BSEM consists of five modules and over 100 practical strategies that correspond with the child-development capacities that each student must build to be ‘ready to learn’ in any context. We focus first on building student capacity to engage and then nurturing their willingness to participate in learning. Throughout our training, we provide a robust toolkit of strategies that:

  1. a) Teachers can practice and implement with students; and
  2. b) School leaders can use to ensure a consistent approach to implementation, teacher feedback and support.

Schools have adopted the Model because:

  • It is beneficial for all students, not just the ones with chronic stress.
  • It consists of practical strategies that provide a consistent approach for a whole school.
  • It is easy for teachers and support staff to implement and adapt for their context.
  • It can enhance or validate existing classroom management and pedagogical practice.
  • It consists of practical strategies that improve teacher awareness of self-care.

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The Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC)is the peak body supporting and advocating for Catholic education in Queensland.

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The Commission holds a state-wide strategic role focused on advancing Catholic education.

There are 312 Catholic schools in Queensland, educating more than 150,000 students, or around one in five Queensland school students.

At the heart of its work, QCEC seeks to ensure students in Catholic schools are educated within our Catholic faith tradition, to achieve the best possible academic outcomes and to be resilient, respectful individuals, able to shape their own futures, build meaningful lives and contribute to their communities.

QCEC works with Catholic school authorities, state and federal governments, other schooling sectors, and education agencies and organisations to support schools in delivering high-quality, faith-based education.

This work includes advocacy on issues such as funding, education policy and student and staff wellbeing.

QCEC also provides a range of professional development opportunities for staff working in Catholic education.

During the pandemic, QCEC has played an important role working closely with government and health authorities and providing up to date information to Catholic School Authorities to assist them in managing their responses.

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The Queensland Teachers’ Union has been the true professional and industrial voice of Queensland’s teachers and school leaders in state schools and TAFE throughout Queensland for more than 132 years.


Australasia’s Leading Provider of Mental Health Training & Resources for the Education, Health & Social Service Sectors.

The Australian Childhood Foundation works to defend the right of all children to a safe and loving childhood.

Blue Knot Foundation empowers recovery for the more than 1 in 4 adult Australians impacted by complex trauma.

Act for Kids is a for-purpose organisation that delivers evidence-based professional therapy and support services to children and families who have experienced or are at risk of harm. We have helped thousands of children and families for over 30 years.

TQKP is a cross-sectoral coalition and intermediary whose purpose is ‘to catalyse systems to change the odds for Queensland children and young people to thrive’. Get engaged via: our website or LinkedIn: @Thriving Queensland Kids Partnership