Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities

We invite you and your organisation to join us in supporting the 2022 Trauma-Aware Schooling Conference.

This conference will bring together a range of enthusiastic professionals at all stages of their careers to discuss, learn about and respond to the issues of complex childhood trauma and the need for trauma-aware practice in schools and early childhood services.

In addition, the conference will feature inspiring keynote speakers, an exciting and interactive program and opportunities to engage and network with likeminded colleagues and leaders in the field. Our objective is to facilitate interaction to build collaborative links between researchers, practitioners, schools, early childhood services and support services and you, the sponsor.

We are also able to offer you a customised sponsorship package to promote the benefits of your products and services in a unique way.

If you’d like to discuss these opportunities, please contact the conference secretariat, Expert Events, on Tel: +61 7 3848 2100 or email: traumaconf@expertevents.com.au.